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Aparthotel City 5 is conveniently located near the historical part of Prague, cca 200 m from the underground station ANDEL, so it is very easy to be reached by public transportation.

ANDEL station is on yellow line (also called the ‘B’ line) of Prague´s metro system. The Metro subway is open every day from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. Next to metro station there is a tram stop called also ANDEL (trams nr. 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 20). From where the trams let you off, it is about a 2 block walk to the hotel.

Be aware the pickpockets on the public transportation service carriges!

Arrival to the hotel

  • From the airport by taxi

    There is a taxi-stop directly in front of the arrival lounge. Aparthotel is about 15 km from the airport. Driving time is about 30 minutes and the price about is 700 CZK (= 30 Euro). In case the driver asks you to pay more, withhold payment until you can ask our receptionist to intervene; we will negotiate a reasonable rate.

    Because many of Prague’s taxi drivers have gained a bad reputation for overcharging travelers from the airport, we recommend that you let us help you book safe and dependable transport services.

  • From the airport by the public transportation system Metro

    First you must buy a ticket for transport on the Metro/Tram/Bus system. For only 26 CZK, you can purchase a ticket that will be good for 75 minutes after the time of validation. Perhaps the most convenient way to buy this ticket is to turn left after you exit the door from Baggage Claim/Customs. If you proceed ahead after taking the left turn you will see the public transportation booth on the right. (If you go all the way to Terminal number 1 you have gone too far.) After you purchase your ticket, you will need to turn around proceed to the “E” platform of the Arrivals hall. At this point you should exit the building and the red signs indicating a bus stop should be visible. Proceed to the sign that indicates bus 100 will has a stop there. TramNote that there is also a sign for buss 119, it will take you to a less convenient Metro station. You want bus 100! When the bus arrives stow your luggage in the luggage holders, stamp your ticket using the yellow validating machine suspended on poles throughout the bus, and take a seat so that you may be driven to the Zlicin Metro station. In the event, that you could not buy a ticket at the airport, they driver can sell you one for and additional 5 CZK. You will be dropped off at the Zlicin station which is Prague’s Yellow or "B" line. Follow the steps down to the platform of the Zlicin station and get on any Metro train that arrives. Since Zlicin is a terminal station, all trains will travel in the direction of Andel station. Exit the Metro train at "Anděl" station and walk about 200 meters to the hotel. More information about the public transportation services and a metro map can be found at the Internet address

  • From a railway station by taxi
  • From the central railway station (Praha - Hlavní nádraží) by public transport

    Take the metro line "C" to the station "Florenc". There change for the metro line "B" and go to the station "Anděl" which is only 200 meters far from the hotel. The trip is about 25 minutes long and it is necessary to buy a ticket in price of 26 CZK (1 EUR). The ticket can be bought at the automatic machines that can be found at the entrance of the metro or any tobacco (“Tobak”) shop.

  • From other railway stations by public transport

    You can always take another Metro line to the transfer station for line “B” and ride it to the Andel station.

    Some information about the public transportation services and a metro map can be found at the Internet address

    Please check if your train goes through small train station PRAHA – SMICHOVSKE NADRAZI (usually some trains from west part of Germany) – it is just 1 metro stop from our hotel (and from metro stop ANDEL) you don´t need to go further to the main train station. Just exit the railway train and ride the Metro 1 stop in the direction of Cerny Most to get to Andel station.

  • By car

    The hotel is located in the South-West part of the city centre. From the highway "D5" in the direction from Plzen follow the direction to the town center, and you will arrive to the street "Vltavská". Aparthotel City 5 is located in the middle of the Vltavska street on the right-hand side. For the first moment – to check-in and to get your luggage out of the car you can park on the footway just in front of the main door of APARTHOTEL CITY 5. Than we will indicate you for parking - you could park either in close quarded paid parking lot or in surrounding streets.